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Welcome to my blog

The content of this blog will be everything that interest me. I'm mostly a programmer. I have a few Open Source projects. I'm also a Editor of Poslish Wikipedia, I'm hobby photographer and I design logos and logotypes (but not for the money). I'm interested in Math, computer graphics, comic books (including manga and anime). A lot of things will on subjects, that don't fit to my Polish blog "Głównie JavaScript", (Mostly JavaScript).

The reason why I decided to start this blog, was my personal brand, on which

I would like to work more. I wanted to have something that will be easy identified with my full name and I wanted to work a bit on SEO for my name. If you search in Google "Jakub T. Jankiewicz" you can find a lot of information about me, not so much for "Jakub Jankiewicz". A while ago when that second search term was cannibalized by my namesake I decided to put "T." to my full name, so distinguish myself. Now my goal is to appear in first page of Google for phrase "Jakub Jankiewicz". We will see how it will go. You make be sure that if I will make some success I will share it on the blog.

I need to add that some time ago, I've got an ad from SEO company, which is odd on itself, because SEO company don't need to advertise. I asked them if they can optimize my website for the phrase "Jakub Jankiewicz". They said it's impossible, but they can optimize it for the word "Jakub Jankiewicz blog", where my old Polish blog "Głównie JavaScript" is on first place, so I said thanks. I also asked the same question on SEO group on Facebook, and they give completely different answer. It was "it depends how much money I have". So I decided that this is doable. We will see.